Apr 16 04, 2020

Taylor Indiana Covid-19 Operations and Update


Taylor Indiana Covid-19 Operations and Update We at Taylor Distributors of Indiana are committed to the health and safety of our employees and customers; and being your retailer of choice of OEM parts for Taylor, Flavor Burst, Lainox and other commercial restaurant equipment. As the COVID-19 virus has affected the globe, we are carefully following the precautions and recommendations made by health officials so we can still provide what you need for your business. Taylor Indiana is still open, accepting service requests, taking orders, [...]

Mar 16 03, 2020



Welcome to our very first Chef’s corner blog. My name is Trisha LeBlanc and I am the Chef for Taylor Distributors and Lainox Combi Ovens. I was born in the South, and grew up cooking food, raised in our garden, in a Cajun-southern style. Inspired at an early age, I entered the hospitality industry at age 16. I have traveled the world from New York City to Manila, Philippines developing my repertoire and feeding my passion for food and knowledge. During my 20 years in the [...]

Apr 01 04, 2018

Our new, mobile test kitchen is here!


Our new Mobile Kitchen will be hitting the road very soon and we're pumped to show businesses how easy and profitable our food service solutions really are. Call or visit taylorindiana.com to learn more. Your customers already crave these products...you might as well give 'em another reason to love you!

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