What is sherbet ice cream?2020-02-06T09:34:56-05:00

It has a milk-fat content of between 1 and 2 percent, and a slightly higher sweetener content than ice cream. Sherbet weighs a minimum of 6 pounds to the gallon and is flavored either with fruit or other characterizing ingredients.

Are there any alternatives to wasting water on water cooled equipment?2018-03-30T16:19:59-04:00

There is a cost effective, closed loop – glycol system that works very well with our equipment. We have a manufacturer and a local service company that will service the glycol systems when needed. We will recommend them to you when necessary.

Why are stabilizers necessary in mix?2018-03-30T17:00:44-04:00

They bind water to inhibit ice crystals. Also helps to maintain a smooth texture and a warmer eating ice cream. Common forms of stabilizers are: Gelatin, Locust Bean Gum, Carrageenan and Sodium Alginate.

What determines whether I’ll need air cooled or water cooled equipment for my location?2018-03-30T16:18:44-04:00

Normally during a site evaluation, the Taylor Sales Rep will assist in the placing of the equipment and your floor planning. The biggest factor is the ambient air temperature in the location that the equipment will be up and running. Clearance around the equipment should be at least 3 inches on all sides. Confined areas and rooms above 80 degrees may need water cooled equipment.

How do I know if I need gravity fed equipment or Pressurized equipment?2018-03-30T16:41:19-04:00

There are a few factors. One is product being served and the other is anticipated volume. Typically Gravity Fed equipment produces lower overrun , usually 25–30%. Pressurized equipment is normally found in higher volume stands serving ice cream and at higher overrun, normally 50–60%.

What is frozen custard or french ice cream?2018-03-30T16:48:06-04:00

Both products must contain 10% milkfat, as well as at least 1.4% egg yolk solids.

What type of service do you provide once a location has been secured for my business?2018-03-30T17:10:03-04:00

We offer a no cost site evaluation by the area Taylor Sales representative.  During that initial visit, a determination on the type of equipment will be made.  Some local licensing boards will require a floor plan schematic prior to approving your location. We will offer a floor plan drawing w/ proper equipment specifications upon request. On that equipment floor plan will be a layout design for your business. We also consult with you on your menu, serving sizes, pricing and the profitability of your business.  We share with you what we refer to as Profit Stories on the various products you plan on selling.

What are my options if I’m looking to acquire new equipment for my store?2018-03-30T17:02:35-04:00

We have both conventional financing and “lease to own” programs in place w/ several leading financing sources in the Industry.

What is the standard new equipment warranty?2018-03-30T17:09:01-04:00

We provide a two (2) year parts and labor warranty on all new equipment purchases at the retail level.  There is also a five (5) year Limited Manufacturer’s Warranty on the Shell and Hopper.  There is a five (5) year Manufacturer’s Compressor warranty as well.

What is the function of emulsifiers in the mix?2018-03-30T17:01:32-04:00

They are used to promote a dry, stiff ice cream. Commonly used emulsifiers are: Mono and Di glycerides, Polysorbate 65 or 80, Lecithin and Egg Yokes.

What is the definition of ice cream?2018-03-30T16:47:05-04:00

By Federal Law, ice cream must contain at least 10% milkfat, before the addition of bulky ingredients, and must weigh 4.5 pounds to the gallon. Anything less than 10% is considered ice milk.

Who will train my staff upon purchasing the equipment?2018-03-30T17:12:46-04:00

Training is usually done on site after the equipment is delivered. You will be trained by a certified Taylor technician on the proper care, maintenance and operation of your Taylor equipment once it is in place.

What is included with the pricing of the equipment?2018-03-30T17:07:14-04:00

The pricing normally includes the Delivery, Installation, Start Up and Training for both new and used equipment purchases.  Service contract will vary based on the age of the equipment. Customer is responsible for providing the specified electrical connections to properly operate the equipment. Initial cleaning supplies, lubricant, scraper blades and a training manual are provided.

How will I find the necessary suppliers of products and paper goods for my business?2018-03-30T17:11:10-04:00

Your area Taylor Sales rep. will have suggestions and referrals to reputable local suppliers of quality goods commonly used in the industry.  We also have an Annual Open House each January that features a showcase of a number of local vendors and suppliers for our customers.

Should I purchase, finance, or lease my equipment?2018-04-23T10:43:44-04:00

Your Taylor Sales Rep. will happily provide you with an equipment proposal featuring both a purchase and a finance option on the equipment packages. There are certain tax advantages to leasing your equipment and based on the advice of your accountant may prove to be the very best financing solution. Leasing/Financing does allow you to preserve up front monies when making an equipment purchase. Leasing programs are designed to allow you to re coup the depreciation cost of the equipment during the term of the lease. All of our Leasing/Financing sources have programs that allow you ownership of the equipment at the end of the term.

Seasonal payments?  Let’s discuss how some of our leasing providers can structure payments seasonally for you. These programs feature payments specific to the dates that the store will be open for business and take into consideration the down time of the season.

If I’m a new start up business, can I obtain financing?2018-03-30T17:03:27-04:00

We have a program in place for start up businesses. Since you will be lacking industry experience, personal credit information is usually the primary focus of the financing sources. Down payment requirements and modified terms will be at the discretion of the lenders. You may want to check at the local level on the availability of SBA loans as well.

What is frozen yogurt?2018-03-30T17:00:00-04:00

Frozen yogurt consists of a mixture of Dairy ingredients such as milk and nonfat milk which have been cultured, as well as ingredients for sweetening and flavoring.

What is butterfat?2018-03-30T16:46:14-04:00

The usual term for the fat content of milk or mix. 10% Butterfat means that 100 pounds of mix or other dairy product contains 10 pounds of milkfat by weight.

What is sorbet or water ices?2020-02-06T09:35:10-05:00

Both are similar to sherbets but contain no dairy ingredients.

What is gelato?2018-03-30T16:49:57-04:00

Gelato is characterized by an intense flavor, normally lower butterfat than ice cream and a dense consistency. Gelato can contain sweeteners, milk, cream, egg yolks and flavorings.

What is over run?2018-03-30T16:45:34-04:00

The increase in volume of mix due to air being whipped into it. Fifty percent overrun means an increase in volume of 50%, 1 .5 gallons of ice cream from 1 gallon of mix.

What is the difference between single phase and three phase electric when ordering/using my soft serve equipment?2018-03-30T16:13:41-04:00

The electrical phase coming into the building will dictate the manner in which the equipment is ordered for the location. The electrical outlets need to be in compliance with the equipments electrical specification on the data plate and spec. sheet to assure properly operating equipment. If in doubt, check with your electrician.

What are requirements to an outright purchase of the equipment?2018-03-30T17:06:26-04:00

In most situations, we require a down payment with the balance due upon delivery.


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