Mar 30 03, 2018

What determines whether I’ll need air cooled or water cooled equipment for my location?


Normally during a site evaluation, the Taylor Sales Rep will assist in the placing of the equipment and your floor planning. The biggest factor is the ambient air temperature in the location that the equipment will be up and running. Clearance around the equipment should be at least 3 inches on all sides. Confined areas and rooms above 80 degrees may need water cooled equipment.

Mar 30 03, 2018

What is the difference between single phase and three phase electric when ordering/using my soft serve equipment?


The electrical phase coming into the building will dictate the manner in which the equipment is ordered for the location. The electrical outlets need to be in compliance with the equipments electrical specification on the data plate and spec. sheet to assure properly operating equipment. If in doubt, check with your electrician.


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