Mar 30 03, 2018

What is frozen yogurt?


Frozen yogurt consists of a mixture of Dairy ingredients such as milk and nonfat milk which have been cultured, as well as ingredients for sweetening and flavoring.

Mar 30 03, 2018

What is gelato?


Gelato is characterized by an intense flavor, normally lower butterfat than ice cream and a dense consistency. Gelato can contain sweeteners, milk, cream, egg yolks and flavorings.

Mar 30 03, 2018

What is sherbet ice cream?


It has a milk-fat content of between 1 and 2 percent, and a slightly higher sweetener content than ice cream. Sherbet weighs a minimum of 6 pounds to the gallon and is flavored either with fruit or other characterizing ingredients.

Mar 30 03, 2018

What is butterfat?


The usual term for the fat content of milk or mix. 10% Butterfat means that 100 pounds of mix or other dairy product contains 10 pounds of milkfat by weight.

Mar 30 03, 2018

What is over run?


The increase in volume of mix due to air being whipped into it. Fifty percent overrun means an increase in volume of 50%, 1 .5 gallons of ice cream from 1 gallon of mix.


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