Mar 30 03, 2018

What type of service do you provide once a location has been secured for my business?


We offer a no cost site evaluation by the area Taylor Sales representative.  During that initial visit, a determination on the type of equipment will be made.  Some local licensing boards will require a floor plan schematic prior to approving your location. We will offer a floor plan drawing w/ proper equipment specifications upon request. On that equipment floor plan will be a layout design for your business. We also consult with you on your menu, serving sizes, pricing and the profitability of your business.  We [...]

Mar 30 03, 2018

What is the standard new equipment warranty?


We provide a two (2) year parts and labor warranty on all new equipment purchases at the retail level.  There is also a five (5) year Limited Manufacturer’s Warranty on the Shell and Hopper.  There is a five (5) year Manufacturer’s Compressor warranty as well.

Mar 30 03, 2018

What is included with the pricing of the equipment?


The pricing normally includes the Delivery, Installation, Start Up and Training for both new and used equipment purchases.  Service contract will vary based on the age of the equipment. Customer is responsible for providing the specified electrical connections to properly operate the equipment. Initial cleaning supplies, lubricant, scraper blades and a training manual are provided.

Mar 30 03, 2018

Should I purchase, finance, or lease my equipment?


Your Taylor Sales Rep. will happily provide you with an equipment proposal featuring both a purchase and a finance option on the equipment packages. There are certain tax advantages to leasing your equipment and based on the advice of your accountant may prove to be the very best financing solution. Leasing/Financing does allow you to preserve up front monies when making an equipment purchase. Leasing programs are designed to allow you to re coup the depreciation cost of the equipment during the term of the lease. [...]

Mar 30 03, 2018

If I’m a new start up business, can I obtain financing?


We have a program in place for start up businesses. Since you will be lacking industry experience, personal credit information is usually the primary focus of the financing sources. Down payment requirements and modified terms will be at the discretion of the lenders. You may want to check at the local level on the availability of SBA loans as well.


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